“He who has health has hope.
He who has hope has everything”

My Promise to You

To provide Sunday strollers and sports people alike with access to some of the treatment areas I have taken advantage of during my years of competing, time of rehab as well as general health and fitness now.

Our Therapist

Hi, my name is Lindsay.  I was born in Basingstoke and have set up home, family and career here.  For my entire life I have been deeply involved in sports with my passion being swimming. I competed at national level and am proud to say that at the time I was ranked 4th in the country. Unfortunately due to a shoulder injury I was forced to retire from competitive swimming.

Along side my A-Levels I studied for a YMCA Fitness Instructor (1) certificate and also a YMCA Circuit Trainer (1) certificate, qualifying in 1999.

I then went on to university and studied for a BA (Hons) in Sports Studies, qualifying in 2003.  This covered the history of sport, sociology of sport, anatomy and physiology, sports psychology, sports nutrition and clinical exercise management. Following university, I studied for 2 diplomas in Sports Massage Therapy and Sports Injury Treatment, qualifying in 2004.

Other qualifications gained pre and post university were:

  • Swimming Teacher (1) from the ASA in 1999
  • Swimming Teacher (2) from the ASA in 2003
  • Swimming Coach (3) from the ASA in 2004

Sports I have Worked With

  • Team GB Disability Swimming
  • Triathlon
  • Marathon Running
  • Swimming
  • Power Boating
  • Cricket
  • Gymnastics
  • Rugby

About You

  • Is work wearing you down or do you generally feel worn out?
  • Are little aches and pains getting to you?
  • Do you have back pain and so far nothing has helped?
  • Do you have a fitness goal you want to achieve but not sure how to get there?
  • Did you recently suffer an injury and are not sure of the best way to get back to full fitness?

If you feel any of the above relates to you we can help. Individually tailored programmes will get you back to optimal mental and physical health.


Swimming Lessons

These are 1:1 lessons for both children and adults

Deep Tissue Massage

Often known as a Sports Massage, this is a vigorous massage that has many benefits, some of which include, improved physical performance, increased muscle tone and circulation and increased flexibility.  More recently this massage technique is used equally for increased performance within sport as well as outside of sport to treat everyday conditions such as back pain and muscle tension.

Injury Treatment

This treatment uses many of the same techniques and methods found in physiotherapy and utilizes the principles of sport and exercise sciences.  An assessment will be carried out of all relevant joints and muscles, muscle balance and therefore flexibility, provide deep tissue massage where applicable and advise on appropriate exercises and stretching techniques.  Whether you are a Sunday stroller or an elite athlete, this will get you back on track and fighting fit.

Nutrition Programmes

This session is all about your diet, whether you want to lose weight, want general health and fitness advice or create a sport specific plan. Your diet will be reviewed and guidance developed.  You will leave the session knowing how many calories you should intake, how and when those calories should be consumed as well as sample meals.

Personal Training

This session offers a unique and dynamic one-to-one Personal Training service that is tailored to your own needs and goals. Knowledge of injury treatment and massage therapy contribute directly to your programme.

Relaxation Skills Session

Is the day-to-day grind wearing you down? Come and learn some tools and techniques, which can be carried out anywhere at anytime, to deal with any situation the day throws at you, allowing you to feel calm, stress free, relaxed and in control.

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